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Arshin Industrial Group with ten years of professional activity in the field of product design, design and manufacture of medical equipment, design and manufacture of composite and fiberglass parts, CNC lathe services for foam parts in high dimensions and manufacturing of various industrial prototypes.
This complex has been formed with the efforts of professors and experts in the fields of industrial design, mechanics and architecture.
"Quality means doing it right when no one is looking."—Henry Ford "Quality means doing it right when no one is looking."—Henry Ford

Services and portfolio


3D printing services – 3D printing

3D printing machines have been used commercially in Iran for several years. 3D printers are used today to produce accurate and complex parts, which has increased the speed and accuracy of parts manufacturing. 3D printing machines are used to make


Making advertising replicas

Arshin Industrial Group is proud to be the largest brand in the country in the field of consulting and making special advertising models and to offer the highest quality of making advertising models. One of the branches of model making


Arshin Industrial Complex

about us

Iranian specialists with trends in industrial design, mechanical design and architecture with a history of 15 years of continuous and professional activity.

Composite parts design services

Design and production of a variety of complex composite molds, including passenger cars and medical equipment.

CNC foam lathe

CNC lathe services for all types of foam and high-volume material blocks for automotive prototypes and all types of composite parts.


Step one

Download the 3D file designed by the employer or the design team of Arshin Collection.


Step Two

Check the file and announce the details and conditions of the project online to the customer.


Step three

Review and approval of technical issues raised to the employer and start the technical process related to the design, including a variety of assembly services such as CNC lathe, product design or manufacturing of composite parts.


Step Four

Perform post-production operations and send the final product images to the customer and send the product packaging after confirmation.

Latest completed projects

Why leave the making of our samples to Arshin?

Years of experience in specialized manufacturing of industrial samples, three-dimensional volumes and composites has made us able to boldly declare that we are one of the most professional activists in the field of prototype manufacturing. Cooperation with the largest industrial companies in the country and dozens of large and successful projects with various companies have been recorded in the record of Arshin Company.