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Construction of a modern body of medical equipment

Medical devices used in our country are made or imported in different ways. Domestically produced samples, if ordered and sold in high circulation, are usually made by the method of making plastic injection molds, and samples with low production volume are produced by the method of making fiberglass molds due to high manufacturing costs.
The advantages of the production method of fiberglass composite medical parts include the high speed of initial mold preparation and low mold manufacturing costs. And the advantages of the plastic injection method are the higher accuracy of making the parts, the cleanliness of the inner surface of the machine and the lower cost of making the final part sample. However, due to the fact that plastic injection molding is at least ten times more expensive, medical device manufacturers prefer to use fiberglass parts to make their equipment in low circulation
The mold or prototype of fiberglass parts is prepared in various ways such as CNC lathe on aluminum metal, 3D printing or CNC lathe on compressed foam and wood. Construction of medical equipment body

In the construction of the above device, which was made to the order and design of Mr. Nawab, and due to the details in the design of the body, the 3D printing method was used to make the prototype.

As you can see in the pictures, the air outlets, the bezel, the handles and other details are made with high precision.
بدنه تجهیزات پزشکی

The body is originally made of fiberglass material before painting

بدنه فایبرگلاس تجهیزات پزشکی

Making the body of medical equipment by making molds and fiberglass pieces

In the following, you will see the final sample after painting the mentioned device.
بدنه فایبرگلاس دستگاه پزشکی

Painted specimen of the body of the medical device

بدنه پزشکی فایبرگلاس

Painted body before installing parts and display

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