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Construction of an urban sculpture 4 meters high and CNC machining technique

Urban sculpture area of human hand to a height of 4 meters for installation as an urban volume. One of the most important things in making natural sculptures is to observe the anatomy and details in order to make the form as natural as possible. One of the features of making sculptures by CNC lathe method is maintaining the quality and high accuracy of its construction. Sometimes some volume makers and sculptors, in order to save time and the rapid progress of the project, first prepare the volume by CNC machining method and then details such as face lines or skin and wrinkles of clothes by modeling paste or cutting tool on They create volume.
Also, refer to this page to check other foam volumes made by CNC lathe method.
One of the most important features of making a sculpture by CNC lathe method is the possibility of reviewing the desired design before starting the construction operation on the computer.
The three-dimensional designs related to the sculptures are usually designed in Zebra software and the designs can be seen by the ordering person before starting the CNC lathe operation or three-dimensional printing, and all visual items can be corrected before the start of the project. Appeared.
Foam sculptures made in this way are sometimes used as a prototype for the preparation of fiberglass molds and sometimes as a model for direct layering of fiberglass on the foam model.
In some cases, to produce luxurious metal sculptures made of bronze and other metal alloys, the foam model is used for casting operations.


Details of human hand sculpture fingers – Making technique: CNC lathe on compressed foam

Hand sculpture 4 meters long, CNC lathe on compressed foam