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Latest completed projects

Making a fiberglass sculpture with bronze patina

Making fiberglass sculptures of mining figures working with bronze metal patina is one of the projects related to the sculpture section of Arshin collection. These sculptures are designed and made by composite fiberglass molding. volume_upcontent_copyshare To create the master model,


Making a prototype of a city car

The prototype of the following city car, which we will provide details and description of its construction operations in the following, has been designed and built by order of a private company. This car is designed by Iranian designers and


Construction of a modern body of medical equipment

Medical devices used in our country are made or imported in different ways. Domestically produced samples, if ordered and sold in high circulation, are usually made by the method of making plastic injection molds, and samples with low production volume


Making a promotional replica of shampoo

Making a promotional replica of fiberglass shampoo bottle The replicas of the mentioned shampoo bottles are designed and made in a similar way to 3D printing (CNC lathe on compressed foam). One of the features of making a promotional replica