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Making a fiberglass sculpture of a diver with a length of 11 meters

CNC lathe of Diver foam model with a length of 11 meters on compressed foam has been one of the latest projects carried out in Arshin Industrial Complex.

After the surface finishing operation, the CNC-cut foam sculptures of the diver are ready for mold preparation and fabrication of the final fiberglass sample.

These sculptures have been carved in two pieces and are ready to be installed in Kish city.

A collection of foam sculptures with diver fins

In the process of making these sculptures, first all the models were cut by CNC method on compressed foam and then they were produced by manual molding method and fiberglass fibers.

The process of layering fiberglass and producing sculptures from composite molds

Due to the use of CNC machining method, the initial modeling of the sculptures has been done with great precision. In this method, the desired models are first designed in 3D in Zebrash software and then are machined with the help of a CNC 3D lathe.

In the following, you can see pictures of the process of transporting and installing these sculptures on Kishra Island. This sculptural complex consists of a smaller statue seven meters long with a volume of one month in hand, and an eleven meter long statue with a volume of the sun in hand with a diameter of one hundred and forty centimeters. volume_upcontent_copyshare

In making this rectangle, the 3D file has been designed and prepared directly in Zebra software. volume_upcontent_copyshare

The whole operation of the project includes CNC machining of all volumes on compressed foam, coating and putty of sculptures, preparation of composite molds, construction of final fiberglass sculpture and design and installation of internal metal chassis of the sculpture and also installation of sculptures under the management of Mr. Abbaszadeh It has been done in Arshin industrial complex. The sculptor of this project is Ms. Ayati and the client of the Kish Municipality Beautification Organization. volume_upcontent_copyshare

The total duration of the project is four months and the materials used include compact foam of density 20, epoxy and gypsum resin for foam coating, ISO polyester resin for molds and parts, vinyl ester resin and ISO polyester resin for the final sculpture and iron metal structure. volume_upcontent_copyshare

To check other samples shaved by CNC method on compressed foam, you can refer to the following page. volume_upcontent_copyshare

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