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Making a promotional replica of shampoo

Making a promotional replica of fiberglass shampoo bottle
The replicas of the mentioned shampoo bottles are designed and made in a similar way to 3D printing (CNC lathe on compressed foam). One of the features of making a promotional replica of this method is the very high quality of construction and reproducibility. In this method, it is possible to make very accurate models in terms of dimensions and surface quality.
ماکت تبلیغاتی شامپو

Making a fiberglass advertising replica of a shampoo bottle

Due to the use of high quality fiberglass material to make the advertising models mentioned above, the resistance of these models to harmful factors such as high impact and also to sunlight and rain is very resistant.
The use of machine and non-manual methods to make the above models and other similar models increases the speed of production and the possibility of delivering advertising models in a very short time. In this method, it is possible to make a variety of accurate and quality models with very high details.
To see other similar advertising models made in Arshin Industrial Complex, refer to the page for making advertising models.
Also, for more information on the CNC lathe method and 3D printing of advertising models, refer to the CNC lathe page.
One of the features of making models in an industrial way compared to the old models that are made by hand is the ability to repeat and make dozens of completely similar samples. Also, the surface quality and color of the models made by CNC method is much higher and this method is the latest method that the manufacturers of fiberglass and advertising volumes in developed countries also use this method.
Arshin Industrial Complex has the possibility of designing, manufacturing and mass production of various types of advertising models in precise industrial methods and can provide very high quality models.