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Making a prototype of a city car

The prototype of the following city car, which we will provide details and description of its construction operations in the following, has been designed and built by order of a private company. This car is designed by Iranian designers and is in the category of small city sedans. volume_upcontent_copyshare

This project includes design, three-dimensional design and engineering, three-dimensional model CNC lathe on compressed foam and fabrication of its fiberglass composite model. The project of managing the fiberglass model of this car has been done by Engineer Mojahedi. volume_upcontent_copyshare

Design features of this car include up-to-date design and spacious cabin space compared to the car class. In the field of mold design and CNC machining operations of the original master model on compressed foam, an attempt has been made to provide the highest quality for the production of the original prototype. volume_upcontent_copyshare

Foam Master model, made by CNC machining on compressed plastic, car front view
The rear view of the car in the CNC machining stage and rough machining before the final machining operation

Side view of the car after the final CNC lathe operation
Part of the front view and headlights of the car, preparation of the initial model for mold making operations

All body parts of this car are machined with the help of a very precise CNC machine in Arshin collection. This machine with high turning dimensions and 10 micron precision turning has the possibility of turning all kinds of engineering and automotive parts up to 3 by 1.5 meters in one piece and due to the very advanced movement system, has a very low tolerance and high dimensional accuracy.

At present, the use of CNC lathes is a very accurate and reliable alternative to the old manual methods and increases the output quality of prototype cars, industrial products and fiberglass parts.

After CNC lathe operation, all parts are molded by fiberglass layering method and then prepared for the final part production operation. volume_upcontent_copyshare

Operation of preparing the front view of the car, fiberglass composite material

Car end mold separation operation
Production of the final sample of fiberglass and separation of the mold on the side of the body.

After separating the part from the multi-piece mold, the operation of polishing the surfaces and preparing the fiberglass model of the vehicle for the painting operation begins. volume_upcontent_copyshare

Prototype of fiberglass city car, this part is raw from the mold and is ready to start the process of polishing surfaces and painting.
After polishing the fiberglass body surfaces of the car prototype and preparing for the final paint coating operation.
Observance of details and quality of surfaces in making the final sample of fiberglass
Performing surface polishing operations and creating body lines

Arshin Industrial Complex has the ability to perform operations from the design stage to the production of fiberglass prototypes of various car prototypes, and due to the use of modern and up-to-date industrial and machine methods, it is possible to deliver products with the highest possible quality.

If you want to check other cars made in Arshin collection, refer to this page. volume_upcontent_copyshare

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