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Making a statue of an astronaut character using CNC machining method

As in the past, we are at your service with an attractive and different project in the field of construction and production. The following project is related to the joint collaboration between Arshin Collection and our dear colleagues in Horman Art Collection. The following sculpture is related to the construction of an astronaut along with his clothes and related equipment.
This sculpture is made at a height of two meters and to start the construction process, first the three-dimensional file related to the sculpture is designed in Zbrush software and after the required changes and corrections, it is ready to be sent to the CNC machining department.
After completing the 3D file and preparing Gcode in the advanced Powermil software, the pre-prepared compressed foam block will be ready for CNC machining.
In the construction of this volume, compacted plastic of density 30 has been used. Compactness and fineness of the granules forming the foam block are the main factors of surface quality in CNC lathe operations. If the coding operation of the part fabrication in the CNC machine is done correctly, the final volumetric result will be very accurate and with excellent surface quality.
After preparing the exact foam volume, the foam sample was made with the help of our friends in the Horman collection by fiberglass molding method, and the final composite sample was ready for the glossy phantom chrome coating after finishing and polishing.
As you can see in the picture, due to the very good surface finish and glossy chrome coating on the sculpture, a special effect has been created in the display of Spaceman volume.
If you wish, you can see other examples of sculptures and fiberglass volumes made in Arshin collection through the top bar of the site and the services and portfolio section.

Spaceman-CNC Milling on Hard Foam

CNC astronaut lathe to a height of 2 meters on compressed foam with very high accuracy