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Making a topographic model by CNC machining on compressed foam

Construction of a topographic model of the mountain and mine complex by CNC lathe method on compressed foam has been one of the spring projects of 1400 in Arshin complex.

This model is made of compressed foam in dimensions of length 250 and width 140 cm. One of the features of this model is the presentation of an accurate and real three-dimensional file of mountains and mines by the employer, which after precise CNC machining operations, the final result of the work has become very high quality and acceptable appearance. volume_upcontent_copyshare

Making a topographic replica on compressed foam makes it possible to build it seamlessly with very high accuracy. Due to the importance of integrated fabrication of large topographic models, CNC lathe operation is preferable to topographic model fabrication by 3D printing. Also, the lower cost of the CNC method and the faster production and delivery speed are other advantages of the CNC model topographic model milling operation on compressed foam. volume_upcontent_copyshare

In this technique and with the help of automatic CNC lathes available in Arshin Industrial Complex, it is possible to make topographic models in dimensions of 300×150 and height of 70 cm in one piece. The operation of making the model by CNC milling method will be less costly than other methods such as sectioning or layering and manufacturing by 3D printing method. volume_upcontent_copyshare

In addition, this method has a much higher accuracy than other manufacturing methods and also has a lower weight for easy transport. Due to the changeable nature of the foam, topographic foam models can be added or subtracted when making the model and the details of the work can be changed as desired. This feature gives the designer more possibilities when making replicas. It is also possible to strengthen and reform the foam in various ways, such as combining clay and wood glue or epoxy resin coating. In this method, the foam surface is covered with epoxy resin in 1 to 3 steps and a very hard surface such as plastic is obtained. It is better to change, install buildings and replica equipment before the foam surface coating operation, because after this stage, it will be difficult to make changes on the reinforced foam. volume_upcontent_copyshare

Due to the foam surface of the model, it is possible to install and insert all kinds of flowers and plants, tree models, power tower models and similar items easily and there is no need to drill holes in the topographic surface. Also, in the sample album images, you can see a replica of an earthen dam that was made in the Arshin collection by CNC machining on compressed foam. In this model, after strengthening the compacted foam surfaces with the help of epoxy resins, the operation of covering the model surfaces has been performed as a combination of soil and green space. volume_upcontent_copyshare

This model is part of the model of the Raghun project dam and power plant model in Tajikistan, which was designed and built by professionals in the Arshin complex. volume_upcontent_copyshare

If you want to review more examples of foam models made by CNC machining on compressed foam, please refer to this page. volume_upcontent_copyshare

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