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Making fiberglass lighting (optical pendant) lobby of Ava Farzin project

Fiberglass lighting collection design project in the form of pendant volumes in the lobby of Ava Farzin project – fiberglass material

Lighting (lamp) pendant – fiberglass material – Ava Farzin project                                  In the design part of this project, repetitive elements and Section Modeling technique have been used to design the surfaces of hanging volumes and height differences. The volumes are made of fiberglass material and are made by direct layering on compressed foam. Aluminum brackets are used in the design of the hanging part and the cables connecting the lighting to the ceiling. These aluminum cylinders are inserted into the fiberglass layers. After confirming the manual sketches, the initial forms entered the computer 3D design stage, and after 3D design in Rhino software, they were machined on a CNC lathe on compressed foam. The made foam volumes are then coated by direct layering of glass fibers and epoxy resin and then enter the surface finishing stage and prepare the surfaces to cover the matte paint. Features of direct layering method include no need to make molds and high production speed. At the same time, if you need to produce volumes in the form of circulation, it is better to prepare a composite mold from the initial volume, so that each time the product is produced, there is no need to re-lathe the foam volume.


Fiberglass Lighting                                                                                            The COB LED light sources are placed between the lighting plates and shine the light on the top plate and the reflected light reaches the ground level from below the volumes and completes the lighting of the lobby complex. In this section, you can also see the lighting project of Artemide company called Solium, which is made with the help of fiberglass material. The designer of this product is Mr. Karim Rashid.

Solium-Designed by Karim Rashid Material : Fiberglass

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