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Making Mr. Justin Trudeau sardis by CNC lathe method

3D design and construction of Justin Trudeau sardis in Arshin collection. Justin Trudeau Statue Manufacturing technique: CNC cutting the original volume and 3D printing of the face mask to preserve the details of the face. The material of the main body is high density compact foam and PLA for the face mask section. In this method, based on the images sent by Mr. Justin Trudeau and the available samples, first the three-dimensional file required to continue the construction operation in Zebrash Zebrash software was designed. Observing maximum detail during the design process is one of the most important points when making a volume or sculpture by machine method. Due to the exact adherence to machine production machines such as CNC lathe and 3D printing when making volumes, the biggest challenge is instead of the technical part and making the volume related to the design part, and it is very important to have a sample file three in this part. Next to be prepared and designed with high quality. At the same time, in this method, as in the previous classical methods, it is possible to make corrections after making the sculpture. These volumes reach the final stage of operation and delivery in different ways. Sometimes it is made by direct layering of fiberglass on foam-plastic volume and sometimes with the help of various molding methods, such as silicone molds, fiberglass molds and gypsum molds. The features of the method of making sculptures and types of sardis and urban volumes with the help of 3D printing and CNC lathe can be high production speed, very high accuracy, matching the original design and the sample made, and a reasonable price compared to the old methods. .

3D file of Mr. Justin Trudeau designed in Zebra software

The main body is made by CNC machining on a compressed foam block before installing the face mask. Justin Trudeau Statue If you want to check other samples prepared by CNC lathe method, please refer to the following page:                                      CNC lathe service for foam with very high accuracy