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Manufacture of radom (radar cover and telecommunication equipment)

Manufacture of radom (radar cover and telecommunication equipment)

This article about Radom taken from the Wikipedia page will be translated by Arshin Industrial Group engineers and made available to those who are interested.

Radome is a combination of the words Radar and Dome. This part protects the microwave and radar antennas in a strong and waterproof manner. Radome is made of materials that minimize the absorption and obstruction of electromagnetic signals. In other words, radom acts as a transparent protector for radar and microwaves. Radom protects electronic equipment from the weather and also covers equipment from the public. It also protects repairers or individuals. Around the radar is collision and damage during rapid rotation of the radar. Radom coatings are made in different forms such as spherical, geodesic and flat and depending on the type of use and installation of different materials such as fiberglass, Teflon, ABS and. When it is installed on the nose of new aircraft and incorporates forward radars, they are called Nose Cone.

Uses: Radomes act as a cover for electronic equipment during hail or heavy rain and prevent the destruction of equipment. Also, the form of radomes is designed to make the antenna set aerodynamic and prevent the antenna from rotating It blows during strong winds.

This article will be completed soon and other points will be added. The following is an example of some radomes made in Arshin Industrial Group:

The cover of the telecommunication antenna along with the aluminum dish is completely made in Arshin collection.

AARSHIN Radome (1)

AARSHIN Radome (2)

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