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CNC lathe service for foam with very high accuracy

CNC foam and material block cutting service with very high accuracy and working dimensions. CNC machining capability in dimensions: Length: 310 cm – Width: 150 cm – Height: 100 cm. Has a high speed spindle to provide the highest quality machining on foams and non-metals. Possibility of cutting high density plasto foam (ionolite). Can be used in automotive, military, foundry and mold industries. Construction of sculptures and all kinds of urban volumes. Construction of fiberglass models, usability in industrial design and construction of precise industrial prototypes, the possibility of building a variety of special and complex architectural volumes and the construction of large volume models for urban advertising. Phone: 09120890637 Applications of CNC machine Construction of components of three-dimensional and complex models Making wax models used in jewelry and precision casting Making small wooden decorative pieces Lathe material block for making replicas and master of very precise industrial models Cutting signs to build urban volumes Engraving text on non-metals and foams Three-dimensional engraving on foam Making a replica Manufacture of non-metallic molds Precise drilling Manufacture of composite and fiberglass Prototype fabrication of the product before fabrication of plastic injection molds using CNC and SLA To view one of the CNC lathe projects of Simorgh hybrid car model on wood, refer to this link. A CNC milling machine is a machine that works on various materials such as wood, stone and metals by milling tip (milling is a drill-like tool that peels off various materials at high speeds with rapid rotation). CNC milling machine is also used on other materials such as glass and plastics and is used in various industries such as woodcarving, cutting and stone carving, production of wooden products such as cabinets, doors, tables, sofa bases and.. The CNC milling machine has a horizontal workbench on which the tip of the milling drill can move in both horizontal (X) and vertical (Y) directions. The milling tip is also rotated by a spindle and can be driven by precision servo motors in the depth axis or (Z). The dimensional accuracy of CNC milling machines is between one tenth to one hundredth of a millimeter, depending on the type of parts selected and how it is made. Each CNC machine can move in two or more planned directions, which are called axes, depending on the type of design and place of use and the number of servo motors. The axis can be linear or rotating, the more axes there are, the more complex the machine is and the more difficult it is to plan for, but the higher the quality of the machined part. CNC foam lathe and CNC ionolite lathe