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Design, molding and manufacturing of carbon and fiberglass parts

Fiberglass composites and other similar composites, which are usually a combination of a type of thermosetting resin or even thermoplastic polymers on the one hand and different types of fibers to increase tensile strength, have many applications in industry. In composite industry can be based on type Application of the part and the requirements of the client, a variety of types of resins and special fibers depending on the type of stress, pressure, temperature, impact, light transmission and other requirements are determined and included in the part. The fibers meet a wide range of industrial needs and can range from a simple boat floating on water to very sensitive aircraft parts that, while very light, can have a higher resistance than steel. In parts that do not require precise metal molds due to high dimensions and low manufacturing accuracy, fiberglass parts due to cheap and simpler production methods compared to other industrial methods usually in various industries such as play equipment and amusement parks, cars, Blue floats are used. Composite or fiberglass parts are a combination of different types of resins that are usually used in workshop methods of epoxy, polyester and vinyl ester resins and make synthetic fibers such as glass fibers (glass). Glass fibers in their type have different types such as needle, three-dimensional, satin and که which are used in different places according to their properties. Sometimes to create more strength, a combination of glass fibers with Kevlar and carbon fibers is used. Excellent properties are created in physical resistances such as stress, tension and impact. Careful examination of the stresses applied to the part. Today in our country, Iran can use composite and fiberglass materials, including shell, body and cover of medical equipment, body and cover of industrial devices, composite or fiberglass advertising models, composite car parts, decorative facades and construction, interior design and showcase He mentioned shops, the construction of urban sculptures and symbols, urban furniture and advertising volumes, various military and aerospace industries. Arshin Industrial Group is proud to have recorded the production of various composite parts in different dimensions and uses in its portfolio. Most of these parts are modeled and made by CNC machining method and have high accuracy and manufacturing quality and for important companies. The country’s industrial are designed and built. In the following, you can see the pictures of some previous examples.