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3D printing services – 3D printing

3D printing machines have been used commercially in Iran for several years. 3D printers are used today to produce accurate and complex parts, which has increased the speed and accuracy of parts manufacturing. 3D printing machines are used to make industrial parts, architectural models, medical parts and equipment, toy parts and many other things. To print and make different parts by 3D printing method, you need to prepare a 3D file of the case piece The device receives this file and creates it in step-by-step layering. The 3D printer is actually a printer that, in addition to creating a design in length and width, can also print vertically. For example, the printer ink is one hundredth of a millimeter in diameter, and you want to make a cube piece like a sugar cube in three dimensions. The nozzles of the device that disperse the ink go a little higher and create another layer on top of the previous layer This process is repeated until you get a three-dimensional cube. The only difference between three-dimensional printing machines is that they can use materials such as plastics and resins to make parts, and of course the thickness of the layers created is more than one. One hundredth of a millimeter is actually about one tenth of a millimeter, which is the ideal thickness. In another article presented on the site, all the methods of rapid prototyping are explained in detail. Because the construction of boxes or boxes of electronic components, packaging industries, prototyping of industrial parts, all kinds of architectural models, volume making and toy industries are very widely used.