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Making advertising replicas

Arshin Industrial Group is proud to be the largest brand in the country in the field of consulting and making special advertising models and to offer the highest quality of making advertising models. One of the branches of model making is a variety of models many times the real sample. These models, due to their usually large dimensions, will attract immediate and very effective attention to their audience. It has the proportion of normal billboards that can be displayed only from one side, advertising mock-ups will attract more attention due to the difference with mobile advertising elements in urban spaces. The supply of products and large commercial complexes are installed and quickly attract the viewer’s attention. Depending on the type of use and location, these models are made of different materials such as fiberglass, metal and plastic and the ability to resist radiation. Harmful to the sun, rain and other atmospheric factors. The models that are made in Arshin company for placement in open spaces have several protective coatings against rain and UV rays of the sun that guarantee the quality and durability of the model for a long time. It is long. These models are made in completely industrial methods and in the form of lathes with machines Fully automatic CNC lathes are made and coated and dyed by paints and resins used in the aerospace industry, which results in very high quality of Arshin production samples. In the following, you can see the image of some advertising models made in Arshin Industrial Group: Design and manufacture of Kaleh advertising volume billboards The billboards made include two examples installed at the intersection of Sadr and Modares highways – and Tehran-Karaj highway in Chitgar area. Sadr highway billboard has an area of ​​70 square meters and Tehran-Karaj highway billboard has a display area of ​​200 square meters, which is one of the largest billboards made in the country.